Over the past 18 months, our project embarked on an exciting journey to revolutionize bioeconomy training and skills development.

Initially, we focused on understanding the unique characteristics and readiness of different regions to embrace innovative training models. We collected comprehensive regional data, ensuring our approach would be tailored and effective. 

Along the way, we gathered various case studies and best practices. These valuable insights acted like a map, guiding us through successful initiatives and helping us highlight the way toward success for various regions. 

A significant milestone was reached when we collected and validated job profiles related to bioeconomy. This initiative created an understanding of the changes in economies and jobs for sustainable economic growth. 

We brought together regional Communities of Practice, fostering a collaborative spirit among stakeholders. These communities became crucial for encouraging discussions, aligning opportunities and industry interests, and forming new collaborations and value chains. 

Throughout our journey, we made it a priority to listen to the voices of stakeholders. By actively collecting feedback and mapping their needs, we ensured that our initiative would be responsive and impactful. 

We also focused on building synergies with projects that had similar goals. This collaboration allowed us to maximize our collective impact and avoid duplication of efforts. 

Finally, we prepared a dissemination platform and repository, creating a central hub for sharing knowledge, best practices, and project updates. This platform has already become a lighthouse, guiding others in the bioeconomy field towards innovation and shared success. 

Our journey over these months has been a discovery, collaboration, and innovation, setting the stage for a promising future in bioeconomy training and skills development.


Author: Liina Vaher (Coordinator- CIVITTA)