Curious to know some of the relevant job profiles in the bioeconomy sector? partners and the 8 Communities of Practice in 8 different countries/regions gather relevant job profiles and compiled them into engaging and design-rich infographics. initial goal was to identify 30 different job profiles across Europe related to bioeconomy, in order to support the decision-making for training and curricula and inform the governance system for training needs and skills. In the bioeconomy sector, unique requirements for professions and occupations are emerging that include a mixture of technical expertise and entrepreneurial skill sets. partners contributed to job profile identification by collecting more than 50 different Job profiles, in the form of different Job Types related to bioeconomy, including all stakeholder types (CCIs, researchers and academics, trainers, communication specialists, NGOs, VET, entrepreneurs etc). 

The profiles presenting the career paths included job descriptions, context analysis, essential skills, education requirements and professional certifications, as well as specific skill sets that may be required to work within that occupation (skills gaps).

Some of the highly ranked Job profiles developed in the context of are the following:

Biomass Producer, this professional is responsible for all aspects of crop growing (seeding, feeding and reaping). This occupation includes the planning of crops according to market conditions, weather patterns, government subsidies and soil conditions.

Sustainable architects and designers if specialized in the bioeconomy,  some of their main objectives are to raise awareness and promote knowledge and education about bioeconomy and bio-based products.

Farmer in mixed farming undertakes responsibilities of management and daily control of animals, their nutrition and reproduction and also provides for hygiene and appropriate living conditions.

– An Energy Engineer, is involved in designing, developing, and using renewable energy technologies, also carrying out lab experiments and adapting them to large-scale industrial processes, keeping up with legislation updates and environmental standards.

– And a Bio-based Business & Production Consultant, is responsible for advising product-oriented businesses and organizations on the development and implementation of bio-based products and processes.


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Authors: Ermioni Bachtse and Dimitra Kyriakopoulou, Q-PLAN INTERNATIONAL