partner Q-PLAN INTERNATIONAL organizes the first regional Community of Practice (CoP) Focus Group, in Thessaloniki, on Monday, May 29 th.

The Focus Group entitled “Education in Bioeconomy: Using Art and Creativity as an innovative approach” will allow the participants of the Greek Community of Practice to examine the challenges for education in bioeconomy in Greece, exchange views on the concept of bioeconomy and learn about existing good practices.

The objectives of this event are to:

  • Present the project to the Greek Community of Practice and its objectives to motivate stakeholders to participate in future CoP activities;
  • Exchange thoughts and views about adult education in bioeconomy;
  • View opportunities and possibilities of inclusion of marginalised groups in actions related to bioeconomy;
  • Inspire the local CoP with examples of bioeconomy education using art;
  • Share inspirational good practices and case studies resulting from the analysis of regional and European case studies.

The event will be held in Greek and the participation is free of charge.