Leading the way into circular, regional bioeconomy value chains with multi-stakeholder engagement!

Engage4BIO is here to combine innovative thinking with practical action to enhance circular bioeconomy and regional development. We’re not just about sustainability – we’re adding a creative twist! By infusing art and design into our initiatives, we’re sparking fresh perspectives, boosting local involvement, and crafting effective training methods. Our collaborative efforts are also giving rise to eye-catching communication and awareness campaigns. 

In the EU project Engage4BIO the dedicated teams in five European hubs have in, been mapping their regions in the first step, and identifying strengths and gaps within their selected priority bioeconomy value chains. The selected value chains and regions can be seen in the graphic below. Thereafter, the hub teams brought together stakeholders for visionary workshops, where they dreamed up bioeconomy visions that push boundaries and ignite change. These visions encompassed various aspects, including the development of skills and training offerings, initiatives to enhance awareness, and the creation of innovative governance models tailored to their regions.

Embracing Autumn 2023

As autumn 2023 approaches, our Engage4BIO hubs are gearing up for further exciting workshops. Teams of experts from various domains will co-create innovative training, outreach campaigns, and new governance models. These collaborative creations are poised to unfold over the subsequent two years, leaving a trail of positive impact in their wake.

Stay Connected and Join the Movement!

The Engage4BIO journey is a collective one, and we invite you to be a part of it. Join our growing community at www.engage4bio.eu to stay updated on our progress, initiatives, and events.

Together, we’re shaping a circular bioeconomy that thrives on innovation, creativity, and sustainable development.


Authors: Engage4Bio Team