Governance & Upskilling for a
Stronger Bioeconomy

What is is a three-year project funded by the Horizon Europe programme under Grant Agreement No. 101060742. will contribute to establishing innovative governance models in the bioeconomy, providing an inclusive training and mentoring framework in specific European regions, aiming to build a bridge between knowledge and skills in the bioeconomy, secured by an effective governance.

The project will have a role in enabling better-informed decision-making processes, improving the social engagement of all actors and increasing the uptake of sustainable innovations in bioeconomy.

Geographical scope

The geographical scope of intervention of project focuses on 8 regions from these EU countries: 












Czech Republic





Main Activities

OPERATIONALISING EXISTING ACTIONS & KNOW-HOW will identify existing actions of good governance approaches on training and skills-building in the Bioeconomy in our 8 regions, taking into account infrastructure, technological capacities, design/art and culture, as well as training accessibility, potential of social innovation and new engagement approaches.

UNDERSTANDING THE REGIONS will assess the regions’ specificities, such as economic/cultural characteristics, smart specialization areas, regulatory/political barriers, social attitudes, educational/training availabilities and skills and jobs in demand in the bioeconomy, in order to develop governance and training resources tailored to the regions.  

BUILDING AN ACTIVE NETWORK & COMMUNITIES OF PRACTICE will bring together key actors from i) research/academia, ii) industry/businesses, iii) policy and iv) society into 8 regional Communities of Practice, that will operate in their region to:

- Increase awareness about the bio-systems and their governance;
- Define and Assess key drivers for skills-building in the bioeconomy;
- Validate training and mentoring guidelines and governance models for a larger uptake;
- Spur social innovation in the current bio system;

DELIVERING MODERN TRAINING AND MENTORING GUIDELINES TAILORED TO THE REGION’s guidelines will support permanent learning and re-training in areas related to the bioeconomy and will also ensure the inclusion of novel opportunities coming from art, culture and (eco) design inspirations with added value for the bioeconomy.

Beneficiaries of activities:

Research & Higher Education Organisations

…will benefit from guidelines and information to contribute to the transition to bioeconomy in the region.

Vocational education organisations & others
non-formal education

…will utilise practical training guidelines based on skills/jobs on the demand in the bioeconomy.

Bio-Based Industry

…will take advantage of the networking opportunities within the Communities of Practice and benefit from adequate information about the region, including barriers and potentials to the industry.

Bio-Based Businesses

…will develop bio-based skills and novel business models through training guidelines.

Policy Makers

…will learn about opportunities for intergovernmental and multidisciplinary cooperation, access to communities of practice and learn who are the enablers for transformation in the region.

NGO's & Citizens

…will have a “voice” in the decision-making process, and an active role in the transition to bioeconomy, by increasing the visibility of bio-based alternatives and influence with sustainable bio-based choices. 


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